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As of a long time now, Bobville is footloose and whitelist free, except in cases of emergencies! You can find us at the following IP address:

If Bobville is whitelisted when you are trying to log on, something is happening and we are fixing it.
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Due to some issues we were having, aim2game so kindly moved us to a new data centre, this means we have a new ip! :) Please change your IP's to this:
earthsrotation26 the server is still down, no one knows when it will be back up. Server is white-list free so once it stops saying you ne ...
bubblegunn I cant fond where u get white-listed and I wont to get on this server again
DiamondDasher7689 I was wondering the same thing as the others. How am i supposed to get whitelisted, I was white listed on the previous i ...
It's been a long time in coming, but thanks to one of our mods, Fatboy, the server has been updated and reset. :)

The reset has been needed for a while, the server had too many plugins, was bloated and overgrown with things from people who are never, ever around anymore as well as the map being massive. The reset allows us to grow hopefully a little more gracefully and keep up with the issues and updates that are to come from Mojang. :) There is still no whitelist, and the IP is the same so feel free to log on and get started again.
rhino12345647 y am i ban i didnt do anything
White List Information

Here is some steps on how to get on the server.

  1. Complete the application to be whitelisted.  (On this page you will find the application in the right column near the bottom) 
  2. Make sure your user name is correct.  (If you spell it wrong we will as well)
  3. Once accepted you may have to wait until the whitelist is update and the server restarted.  (This may take some time so please be patient)  
  4. The IP is  (Make sure you have this correct)
  5. Be Patient! (There are a large amount of applications to process and then the whitelist has to be update)
We are trying to get better at the application process and think we have a better system in place for accepting applications.

If you have not got a reply one way or another this may be a case of your application has slipped through the cracks while we were trying to change our process.

We appreciate your patients during the transaction.

Death to all Creepers!

Please take the time to watch the griefing video for better understanding which is located in the forum section under Report  Greifing topic!
SpartanCrafter117 Hello , I am SpartanCrafter0 and I spawned in jail and I have been muted. I'm pretty sure this is a mistake because righ ...
ENDE_pAyNe help i cant get on bobville communication error!
batman23 how did you guys get on to see his world
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